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When do you need a locksmith?

A locksmith may be needed when you want to make your home or business more safe and secure. The safety a locksmith can provide can reduce the chances of breaking and entering and burglary. Having a more secure home can make us feel safer knowing that we have taken the proper precautions by calling a locksmith...

24 Hour Locksmith

One has to admit that one of the most stressful situation that you can be in is to be locked out of your own car or home. Each of us have our own share of dim-witted moments so once in a while we either forget our keys inside or just outright lose them...

How far in advance do I need to call for locksmith service?
We are a mobile service and can, in most cases, have someone out to you on the same day.

Do you offer emergency service?
Yes. Give us a call and we can have someone out ASAP.

What payment types do you accept?
We accept all forms of Debit and Credit Cards as well as cash and business checks. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

Why should I call a locksmith when I am locked out of my car? Can't I just call the police to unlock it for me?
If you are in a dire emergency, i.e. your child is locked in the car, you can call the police to unlock it. Police will usually no longer respond to lockouts unless it is a dire emergency. The more informed police departments do not want to risk doing damage to your car. When you call the police, a tow truck driver, or any other unskilled person to unlock your car you are risking unnecessary damage to your vehicle.
If you are like most people, you have a large investment in your automobile. In the past, almost anyone could open a locked car very quickly, using only one tool. These days, however, auto makers have heightened the security of almost every car on the road. This means that a trained professional must have dozens of tools and techniques in order to unlock your car with no damage.

Someone has stolen my keys, do I have to replace all of my locks?
No. In most cases you can have your locksmith rekey your locks.

What is a rekey?
Re-keying refers to the ability to "change" a lock by replacing the tumblers so that a different key may open it. A new key will work with the new tumblers and the old key will no longer work. It is not always necessary to buy new locks. In order for locks to be re-keyed to the same key, they must all be made by the same manufacturer.
Re-keying locks is something that should be done if you have moved into a new residence or lost a set of keys. Most automobile locks can be re-keyed as well. Re-keying locks is usually significantly less expensive than replacing locks.

What is a Master Key?
A master key is created when a group of locks are custom coded so each lock uses a different key, but a combination is added so one key will open all of the locks. The locks must all be made by the same manufacturer or at least have common keyways in order to be master-keyed. Once the locks have been master-keyed, each lock is operable by it's own individual key and the master key.

Can a key be cut from a number or code?
In many cases, keys can be made by a Locksmith from the code number of a lock. This is common with vehicles, padlocks, filing cabinets, etc. Proof of ownership is usually required to cut a key from a code.

My car key has some kind of security device built into it, do I have to go to the dealer to get a copy?
In most cases, no. Most locksmiths can reproduce these keys and will save you money over the dealer. Believe it or not, your locksmith is usually more familiar with these systems than your dealer.

What is lock bumping and how can I protect myself from it?
Lock bumping is a lock picking technique using a specially-crafted bump key. One bump key will work for all locks of the same type.
In order to avoid lock bumping, you can do a few things such as replacing your locks with high security locks. These locks include the brands Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and Schlage Primus. There are other high security locks also available and your locksmith can help you find the lock that is right for you. 
You could also change your locks from keyed locks to digital or mechanical access control locks. These locks provide great security and are easy to recode if needed. In many cases, the customer can recode these locks themselves.
One other alternative is to consider the installation of an alarm system. You may still have keyed locks that are susceptible to bump keys, but an alarm system has been proven to be an effective deterrent to most burglars.

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